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This high-flying frisbee is lightweight yet tough. The Zisc is gentle on your dogs mouths; it's soft, pliable, floatable, and flies far. 


Our dogs LOVE this!


Sz- Small

West Paw Zisc Dog Toy - Better than a Frisbee

    • With its curled in edges, Zisc is easy to grip for both humans and dogs, perfect for fetch and tug-of-war.
    • Forgot your dog's water or food dish? Simply flip Zisc over - it doubles as a travel bowl.
    • Flies faster than a fabric frisbee plus it floats
    • Non-toxic & Dishwasher Safe
    • Made with zero-waste and recyclable Zogoflex® material in Bozeman, Montana
    • Backed by our Love it Guarantee™
    • Recyclable through our Join the Loop® recycling program
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