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Training and Resources

Upcoming Training Workshops and Classes

Stay Tuned for Dates and Programming for:


  • Britney Collins-Imhof
  • Morgan Hanson


Fitness for Sport Dogs 

  • Suzi Schmitz
Dog Training


Rent our agility facility for private training.


Arena with agility equipment for handlers with agility experience. Includes access to: *7,200 sq. ft. arena with agility equipment, not heated, dirt floor.Great place to film @home trials.

Rent our all-purpose mat room.

1500+ sq. ft. indoor mat area with heat/ac and gym floor. Big screen TV that you can airplay to. *Complete sets of Rally signs for AKC, WCRL, and WCRL Flash. Agility tunnel, winged jump, three sets of 2x2 weave poles, barrels, Klimb tables, and canine fitness equipment. A Tripod. It's a great place to film at @home trials. Great place for scent work. 

Rent our Outdoor Areas

We also have outdoor fenced areas and an outdoor arena to rent seasonally.

Pack Walks

Pack walks will start in late spring or as the weather permits. Pack walks are held at our nature preserve and dogs will be leashed. 

Check back for dates and follow us on Facebook.

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