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West Paw® and Earth Animal® teamed up to design the dynamic chew duo for dogs—an enrichment toy that holds a No-Hide® Chew and takes its gnawsomeness to a wholesome new level. Together, they create dopamine-boosting stimulation that dogs crave, need, and love.

Don't forget your No-Hide® Chew!


Our dogs love this and it helps us control how much they consume in one sitting. 

West Paw Funnl (For use with No Hides by Earth Animal)

  • West Paw Funnl™

    3.5" x 4" x 3.5" / 9cm x 10cm x 9cm

    We recommend choosing a chew that is larger than their mouth. Not sure what that means for your pet?  When in doubt, please size up!


    Always supervise a new toy. When it comes to a toy your dog has never had before, always watch your dog interact with it for a bit to see how they do. (Even if they just want some me-time.) That said, you’re already on the right track: West Paw’s toys are 100% safe and non-toxic.

    Unsupervised use is risky. This toy is built safe and tough but no dog toy is indestructible.

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